Thursday, 22 April 2010

From from 1!


Sadly there are no spaceships being launched. I quite possibly have lost the plot (of life, not of my wip).

*bounces around cyberspace*

What's making me so happy?

Well, due to a strange mood yesterday, Muse decided she'd give chapter 1 another shot (after beta suggesting perhaps I should just move onto chapter 2).

Chapter 1, at the last version was from Naim's pov, in third person. I was going to stick with two stories. It still wasn't dynamic enough, needed to make shorter sentences, etc.

I was supposed to be having a mini anime fest. I was supposed to be relaxing.

But no. Muse got rather vocal and threw a mini tantrum until I opened my chapter 1 up. She made me write in first person, from Safiya's pov.

First person - I love to read it, and have started writing it for Diplomatic Disaster (which, coincidentally does star Safiya but as the second leading lady). However, I'd wanted to save that for DD.

I write a paragraph. I then panicked before sending it to beta thinking 'this won't make too much sense as a first paragraph'. So I wrote a few more before it, then clicked send.

Beta loves it! As in, she actually said she loved it. The only criticism was that the first few paras didn't quite flow smoothly. Which is fine, I'm more than happy to scrap them.

Sure, I've got to try and get beta to love the rest of the chapter...then the chapters...but, I feel it's the best move to make for now.

I'm having so much fun. Words are flowing off the page a lot smoother than writing in 3rd. I feel this may be a permanent change. Whoohoo!

*does a dance*

So today, I'm going to write! Then go to cat sitting and spend the afternoon reading, and the evening watching anime.


Krispy said...

Awesome! I love it when things finally click! Good luck and have fun!!!

Elana Johnson said...

Yay! There's nothing like the giddy feeling that comes with writing something you're excited about. Have fun!