Sunday, 18 April 2010

Inescapble Ties version what?

Betas are essential to writers. The insight they give can save a writer's work.

I'm not exaggerating.

I thought the current proposed version of IT was ok.Part of me knew a few areas were a little weak, but I hoped I could scrape by.

My betas are invaluable. Beta 'B' has read chapter 1 and 2. They liked the premise a lot. There are a few good sentences.

Execution of everything is another matter. Not enough action, too much backstory. Then, this is what really helped me focus today, Beta B questioned the placement of chapter 2's pov.

I buried the 'no, my wip is perfect' feeling (which is never there, because a wip is never perfect). I thought on what she said. I knew she was right.

I then began a Q&A with myself, asking what the story was about, what happened with each character.

The most important question of all: if I deleted a character (as a pov character), would it impact the story at all? Answer = not really. Nothing that can't be tweaked.

I'm now going to have 2 povs, and two povs only. One is from the original idea. The other, is a complete surprise to me, but one which might prove fruitful. It is their story, how they impact each other's lives and the lives of those around them. Mostly they are near each other throughout the story, there there shouldn't be massive issues with the flow (which I was having with 4 povs, and which I have had in the past).

The bonus is a backstory for the new pov character can now play a more prominent role. Yay!

So I'm off to figure out the revised plot. Or have an anime fest. Restructuring a novel for 2 hours straight is hard work!