Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Chapter 1 is safe! Chapter 2 is written

So, you know how I wrote 3 versions of chapter one last week? Well, my new style/voice works!

(That is how to wake up in the morning - receiving happy news about wip)

Beta A emailed to say that things are clearer and they liked chapter 1. Whoohoo! That's a relief. I would have rewritten it if it was bad....but not straight away.

Chapter 2 was completed yesterday. I managed to write half of it on Sunday. That first half went along pretty smoothly. Muse stuck to The Plan.

Yesterday i think I ended up writing 3 different versions of the second half of the chapter. At least several paragraphs were rewritten 3 times. Why? Well, I tried to include one sub plot, then realised it was too soon for that particular revelation. Cue copy and paste to a separate document saved purely for things To Put In Story Later.

Then I tried another way...but that felt flat. It didn't make sense. I thought. Muse glared. I thought some more.

What I've ended up with...isn't what I'd planned for. I'd wanted Safiya to go from A to B, with Naim. Muse has decided Safiya will get to B eventually. She'll go from A to Z, without Naim, then get to B. Somehow I have to mind-read Muse to figure out what happens on the journey to and from Z. Right now, I don't have a clue!

Muses. Got to love them.

At least I get to explain Safiya's aqua somersault :)


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GMR said...

Great to see the Muse taking flight and allowing the writer to shine through. Congrat's on moving on from Chapter 1 and keep the momentum going.

Talli Roland said...

Sometimes it take a few tries to get things right, but it's so satisfying when it works! Keep going!