Thursday, 27 November 2008

Nayu's Realm is now searchable!

So the voting can stop on that one :)

Today - lets just say, being tired, and having minor things happen at work, isn't a good combination. A colleague diverted my tears, I actually had lunch away from my desk (don't usually do cos then I'd have to make up the time) which helped. Just dealt with a small query which I could cope with.

Japanese lesson, then I'm heading off for some serious gaming. At the moment, I may take the day off writing. I didn't sleep well last night (hence the tiredness) and I don't want to think what might come out of my head into chapter 5 of Termion. Jinna is NOT going to have a bout of weeping. It's not her character.

So I'm going to try and get as far as possible with Atlelier Iris 2, before I loan my ps2 to my friend and colleague (who reads this blog :D) on Monday.


Lady Glamis said...

Yuna -

Game away!!!

I'm taking today off from writing because it's Thanksgiving. I will be eating all day . . .

I hope you get some serious relaxation time in.


Yunaleska said...

I have been. 1 and a bit hours :) I feel like a right idiot. I adore games. Sometimes I can get far without a walkthrough. I know I'm sort of close to the end. I couldn't work out why it was taking me ages to kiill monsters. (Atelier Iris 2).

Then I had a breakthrough. *looks away bashfully*. I was using the original weapons that I had from the start.

I'd continually ignored the fact that I could develop weapons as the game progressed. Silly me. (subject to items and other factors)

So now I have the ultimate weapons for all characters, and what could take me uh 10 minutes, now takes me less than 3 :) :D :D :D