Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Termion - its a trilogy.

I'm currently on chapter 5 of what I'm hoping will book 1 of a YA trilogy. I've promised several CC'ers if it doesn't work as 3 books, I'll stick with one fat one. Which is probably why I'll write the draft of all 3 before editing the first one.

What can you expect from Termion? I hate summaries. I like writing long passages of writing. So here are a few words/phrases to tease you.

Gene manipulation
Animals (of all types)
A mysterious Count.
An ill-favoured Warden.
Rogue Termions, Kind Termions, psychotic manic Termions.
Death (beheading, neck slashing....)
A lot of fear and confusion.
A search for lost and unknown parents.
A quest to find out more on the man who can protect her, but whose name is the only piece of info she has on him.

At the centre of it all, an electric blue haired 16 year old, Jinna.

In Books 2-3
More Rogue Termions
The Count makes an appearance.
Thieving, spying, diplomacy, kidnapping.
The reason behind Jinna being made a Termion is a lot more complex than it appear to be.


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Lady Glamis said...

Thieving, spying, diplomacy, kidnapping - that's the line I'm interested. :) And the electric blue haired girl.

Sounds awesome, Yuna! I'm excited!