Wednesday, 26 November 2008

*Hugs to days off*

Okay, so today was an impromptu day off (thanks to radiator man changing when he was coming). But it was productive.

40 mins of Japanese (in 20 min sessions, where I focused really hard and a lot went in my head).

Several, wonderful hours on TR:A. I finished Peru! Really pleased because I managed to find 2 secrets in the last level. Am fed of up velocoraptors, but hopefully I've seen the last of them. In St Frances' Folly now....and already groaning in memory of the original game. But I've got quite a supply of medipacks, so hopefully I'll survive (well, Lara will....eventually).

Also had several equally wonderful hours of writing. Completed chapter 3, started and finished chapter 4, and started chapter 5 of Termion! Making good headway with the first draft. Very drafty, but there'll be a lot to work with on the first edit. Potentially I may get to chapter 7 today. About to put on a movie, and write :)

Made pesto and pine-nut bread last night in the breadmachine - it ended up a bit doughy. But today it seems to have dried out a bit more, so I'm not too concerned. It's edible, and very tasty.. Might try adding a little less granary, and just a little less pesto (okay, i added nearly 3 tbsp instead of 2...)

My wips! Yes, I said I'd mention them... Um it'll be under separate posts so people can discuss them easily.


Lady Glamis said...

Yay for days off! And writing . . . you can play games, as long as you keep writing . . .

That bread sounds good . . .

Yunaleska said...

Didn't write any more on chapter 5, because I felt like I was getting a cold. Think its the winter blues hitting me hard :( But I'm here and smiling :) (no-one notices its not quite the radiant smile I usually give. Had a bad night sleeping, so I'm drinking coffee today).