Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I am alive.

There was nearly an explosion in the south of England last night, at my house. Me, threatening to implode is not a nice phenomenon.

I am slowly getting used to the change in pace at work. It's tiring, which is impacting everything else (I have very little energy to write, despite the big inclination to do so). I managed to squeeze out 355 words before I went to bed. Tonight, after yelling at Lara Croft for dying so much, I am going to start chapter 3 of Termion. And maybe type a little bit of Natsu up.

Tomorrow, owing to a day off to make sure the radiator man doesn't steal anything or set fire to our house, I may just write several posts about my current wips, to bring everyone up to speed :)

Debating whether to make this blog searchable to others. What say you?


anewday from IS said...

yeah, def make the blog searchable..you gotta share the gory details of your books to the rest of the world!! ;)

Yunaleska said...

lol! Salaam and welcome to the blog!

I have enabled this blog searchable online. I'm 'safe' because all comments have to be moderated before posting. Anyone who objects to this, well, they won't be visiting, will they?

Angela said...

Yeah, make it searchable! You never know who'll trip on it!

I want to get the Tomb Raider game for xbox...the new one looks pretty good.

Yunaleska said...

Are you tempting me with the xbox Angela? Because as of this morning, I want one (we ignore the fact I already possess ps2, ps3, psp and ds). Evil Square Enix have produced a game SOLELY for the 360. I'm NOT impressed. (being a SE fan thanks to Final Fantasy series, I leap on anything they produce).

Looking eagerly at the 360....maybe when I get published....

Lady Glamis said...

Sure, make it searchable!