Sunday, 30 November 2008

Traffic jams, showers - what's your best place for inspiration?

Yesterday I meant to blog on traffic jams. I wasn't in a major one, just the usual on Friday morning. I'd left the house a little later than normal, because after actually getting a good night's sleep I was a little slow getting out of bed. Thanks to my semi-flexible working hours, that wasn't a problem with work.

Anyone, sitting in my car waiting for cars to move a snail's pace, I managed to work out a fair bit of Termion. Which, since its my current wip, is wonderful. And then, last night int he shower I had more inspiration. I had a scene (well several) I wanted to put in Termion. I was going to change the early chapters to include it, but then worked out how to include it a bit later on :) I've still got a few main issues I'm unsure about, but I trust my muse to figure it out in the end. Probably not how I initially planned it, but hey, things happen.

Yesterday I was recovering from the stress of the week. It involved at least 6 hours of gaming :) Bliss. Had my arabic lesson, came back, gamed some more. Atelier Iris 3 is as addictive as the others. I managed to watch 2 episodes of Star Trek Voyager - although can't honestly tell you what happened since I was busy writing 2k for chapter 5 of Termion, book 1 :D So I achieved a lot more than I intended to.

Today's agenda: well, I do have a mound of Japanese to tackle. But first, I must er go on Atelier Iris three. :D I am to start work by lunchtime. :) (its the weekend! I've had a hectic week and need the R&R because I'm sure this week will be just as manic. Plus it is my last 3 day weekend until the winter vacation (from 24th Dec to 5th Jan, I think :D) Love working at an institution which gives employees good winter and spring vacations.


Lady Glamis said...

I used to hate things that slowed me up, like traffic jams. Now that I'm writing again, I enjoy them most of the time . . . extra time to figure out all those plot points and talk with my characters. :)

I think it's so cool that you're learning Japanese. :)

Yunaleska said...

Thank you :)

Inspiration is great. Only, with 3hrs of japanese homework, and working out exactly what I want to happen over the Termion trilogy, my brain has gone on strike. Managed 700 odd words...but I'm calling it a night. I can either sit at my laptop, taking several minutes to come up with terrible sentences (really bad), or I can just set it down for today, remind myself that it took a lot of thinking to figure out the problem with termion, and I've solved it. Plus still probably recovering from last week :)

So time for gaming! And food - need the bread to cool a little bit before cutting it open.

Hopefully take 2 of pesto & pinenut bread will be less doughy than the last one.

Windsong said...

Yay for inspiration! :) I used to be able to think about the story at odd times during the day when my mind wasn't actively engaged elsewhere, but I can't seem to do that anymore. :/ Now, the only time I can go to that place a writer goes when they're outside the inside of the story is when I'm actually sitting down and staring at the screen.