Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pass me a tissue

Or a whole load of them. I can safely say this isn't a cold - it's allergies. A scented candle has been lit all afternoon. There have been two lit, so I'm not entirely sure which is the culprit. I think it's the one labelled 'ho ho ho' (no guess as to what time of year that arrived). Either way, streaming sore eyes = my night so far. I'm hoping it calms down. I'm going to get some eye drops tomorrow - have taken the anti-histmine tablet & nose spray. Thankfully I'm going near a Boots pharmacy.

The rest of the day has mostly  been tissue free. I did my new Saturday schedule of tweeting links to reviews, sending links to publicists and scheduling reviews for this week in a reasonable time. It was fun doing it. It was even more fun coming home and reading. Read too very good books this afternoon, and hoping to squeeze another in tonight.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to meet some friends, which will be a fun few hours. Followed by lots of reading until Tuesday :) I can live with that - I'm getting to grips with chilling.

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