Friday, 2 March 2012

How I became a smurf

In truth, I can't remember much about the smurfs. I have one of their books in French, although I haven't read it recently. However that is what I got called at work this morning.

Why? Well, here's the tale of me and my disagreement with a printer toner drum. A cyan printer toner drum.

A courier was due on Wednesday to collect it. On Thursday it was still there, and I had an email saying that I needed to sign a form and put it in the box. So I signed the form, picked up the toner which I'd up ended on one side of my desk, lifted it over the keyboard and brought it to the edge of the desk by my lap. I  realised I needed scissors so looked down to see...

....a sea of blue powder. It was all over the desk, all over my dress, on my jeans. My usual colleages were out at lunch so I called another one who camee to help clear up. I was finding it funny. It was everywhere. And it's also toxic (not good). It's a good thing I wear a headscarf otherwise I'd have blue in my hair. Not sure how it got there. Once my desk was clean, I waited for my manager and another colleague to return, sending them a cryptic msn message. They came in and saw me. I was laughing. I asked to go home as I needed to change from the clothes.

 Fortunately I was able to do a quick wardrobe change before heading to my car and goig home early. I washed all the clothes together, shoved in two capsules, and waited. It all came out! Which was amazing. Now this morning it turns out my colleagues were looking back on it and saying I looked like a smurf. Our top boss walked in, and genuinely wondered what was so funny. So they explained. He started laughing, stopped to ask if I was ok, then laughed a bit.

I find it hilarious. yes it was toxic, but it actually came out in the wash. We did take photos in case it didn't come out so I could claim damages. It's a tale that will be remembered for a long time.

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