Monday, 27 February 2012

Afternoon down time

No, the internet was not down this afternoon (yay!). I was the one having down time. Given that I've streamlined and improved when I shcedule reviews, I had 2 whole free hours on my hand. I thought I could read - which I could - but I'd borrowed Twilight films (the trilogy) from a friend, so sat down and watched it. That way I'd be having a good rest, not really thinking so much which reading requires me to do.

I enjoyed Twilight a lot more than I expected. There were only a few parts I wasn't so keen on

* Edward dazzling in sunlight. It looks terrible. So not how I imagined it. Will skip that scene in future.
* Will skip the whole 'lying on the grass saying nothing' scene too. Yawn.
* Not keen on Laurent's outfit, but hey, at least he isn't around much.
* La Push crowd weren't how I expected.

The parts I was keen on are as follows:

* Bella - she's cool, a bit needy, a bit silly to stick around with Edward at times, but she wants to keep those she loves safe.
* Baseball scene - both before and after Laurent arrivces.
* Ballet studio scenes - these were my favourites of the film. Truly wonderful (I must be weird for liking violence but hating romance).
* Alice - again, totally cool. Cute hair cut. You can see how much she cares for Bella and why they become such good friends.
* Rosalie - she is exactly how I pictured her to be. It'll be perfect for Breaking Dawn.

Right, Twilight info over.

For the rest of tonight I'm going to read. I might get to finish the dragon trilogy I'm reading - will see how it goes. Don't expect to finish Breaking Dawn before bed (my night read), but am back on fhte Bella part so am no longer so bored.

Have a great day!

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