Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bit of this, bit of that

I could go all deep and meaningful and say that life is a bit of this, and a bit of that, which it is. It's not just a bit though - there#s an endless amount of this & that's. 

This week I've been doing...

 ...a bit of reading - my current read is up here (points to the right of the blog), and all reviews can of course be found on my review blog, Nayu's Reading Corner (I'm not above self promotion).(bookworm picture from here)

...a bit of writing - my current fairy wip is drawing to the first draft close. In it are lots of wings and breaking the rules mostly for a good reason. (anime girl with laptop photo here)

...a bit of net surfing - all necessary for research. So what if my research involves Star Trek? I know at least 1 other blogger who would be delighted to here that. (Enterprise picture here)

...a bit of anime - you all know how much of a fan I am - this includes Winx! Cardcaptor Sakura is the anime I'm watching, and Winx is the French anime I'm watching. (Cardcaptor picture from here, Winx = who knows, it's on my laptop but not my picture)

(cute watch!)
How's the rest of the week looking? Learning about Time Management at work on Friday - it's an inhouse course which I'm hoping to pick up some extra tips. The highlight of tomorrow is as yet unknown. Ditto Saturday, but on Sunday I'm having lunch with a friend at our usual Chinese buffet. 

I hope your week has had some fun parts in between any not so fun parts.

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