Sunday, 11 March 2012

All fun at the carwash

(An appropriate picture, which comes from here)
This weekend has been a fun one, filled with reading and writing. A lot of reading, and I'm slowly increasing the amount of writing I do (although this is always relative to how I feel. I did feel better for writing, so will try to do a little even if I'm not feeling amazing).

Today after writing a chapter for my fairy wip, I headed out to pick up my friend so we could go get some groceries, get my car washed and have our usual Chinese buffet meal. All was good. We are old hands at the car wash. It's not like the first time we went in together and were convinced we were going to die. I'm not joking. Car washes, if you've never been in one, is a scary experience. The world goes white and wet. In today's case, that was very literal. 

So I'd lined up the car, put it in neutral, and was waiting for it to move forward. It started doing its thing, with the water and the foam. My friend suddenly says 'it's coming in the window!' I turn around, and sure enough there is indeed water & foam coming in the back window. 

I refused to look at it until we were out. My friend made me laugh as she said variations of 'It's still coming in the window/Foam is everywhere'. I'd been going to buy some kitchen towel anyway, so I bought extra just in case it was really bad. It wasn't, and with the sun it soon dried up. Although I don't use the windows int he back (or ever really carry passengers), sometimes as I put shopping in I think the back window handle gets knocked a little. 

I'm relaxing now, and laughing at this morning's incident. I followed it up with a water related incident as I helped with Round One of the dishes with my family. One family member said something, I was replying, and strumbled over my cat's water bowl, which is on the mat beside the food bowl. There was water everywhere. I'm hoping I can make it to bed without more water incidents. My life is never boring!


Charmaine Clancy said...

Maybe don't drink too much water before bed.

Good to see you can laugh at these wet mishaps :)


Nayuleska said...

I used to get quite worried when things go wrong for me, but I've accepted it's a part of who I am, and that's ok.