Friday, 9 March 2012

Key thief vs Ditzy writer

 (if only I Lockette from Winx Club & Pop Pixie to help find my keys - she is the Pixie of keys/finding where to go) 

My friends I see reguarly and my long suffering family frequently have to put up with me losing things. Part of it is my memory is rather poor, more so when I'm tired or having a rough day. I'll put something down, forget not only where I put it down but often what I put down. 

(photo from here)
This has led to several occasions where I top up my birds' water in the sink, then walk off without putting it back in the cage. Family step in and save my birds for me. 

(photo from here)
Or I leave my phone somewhere, unhelpfully on silent. It's alright if it's on vibrate. Once I lost it at work and was rather distraught, thankfully found it in the car. Now I look in the car first. 

This morning, feeling a little worse for wear for staying up late to finish a book (I'm so not doing that on a work night again, but the book was worth it) I had 30 minutes at the most to be out the house. All was fine until I went to get my keys. I couldn't find them. I wasn't too panicked as I put them in variious places. But 20 minutes later, after throwing everything off my bed, then back on it, looking all around the house downstairs, I knew I had to go. Thankfully I keep my spare car key to hand, and used a spare house key. 

I was so annoyed with myself for a few minutes, but as I drove to work that feeling diminished. I do this all the time. I was starting to find it funny, especially with the thought of the state of my room (it took a while to set it right). It then dawned on me there was one pocket in my bag which I hadn't looked in. I arrived at work before a Time Management course with time to spare, so I opened up the pocket, dug around, and low and behold I found my keys. 

I laughed a lot, and then phoned home while I made my way to the room where the course was found. Family were pleased I'd found it. A friend texted me saying 'you and your keys!' when I told her (hers was the case where I was super upset after chinese because I couldn't find my kyes and really thought I'd have to phone my parents to come out with the spare set, then as I tipped the bag upside down in a fit of rage out tinkled the keys. Now my friend watches where I put my keys, so at least someone knows where they are. 
A cleaner commented I was looking happy, so I explained what had happened to her. She laughed too :) 

It's part of who I am, which reduces the stress somewhat. Although there always is a 'what if I have really lost them this time' feeling of dread. 

Do you know where your keys and phone are right now? 

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