Sunday, 19 February 2012

Milkshake mania

(Picture from here)

This is what I had this morning, as I grabbed 'coffee' with my friend. She actually did have coffee. I was going to have hot chocolate, but I have that a lot at home and often get disappointed by hot chocolate in cafes, so I quickly scanned the menu and was intrigued by 'strawberry  yogurt shake'. Verdit? 100% Yum! Supremely tasty, fresh, not artificial - it was good. It didn't have a swirl, and didn't have a strawberry on top, but was still delicious to nom on.

Today was the first day of not writing reviews/blog work in the afternoon. It was really good fun just watching dramas and crocheting this afternoon. There was that satisfied 'whoohoo' I had. So for 2 hours on Saturday I manage to do what I usually spend about 12+ hours in a week. Big difference in productivity. It's a bit of a no-brainer what I'll be doing in the future.

(Picture from here)

Oh, I did make a vanilla clotted cream milkshake with a dash of orange. (It looked like the milkshake in the picture) I kind of made the recipe up in the end, and won't use orange in the future. I thought I was being healthy with the orange. I was, and it tasted nice, but I think the orange overruled the scrummy ice cream. Still, it's trial and error. This is an experiment I enjoy doing, and feel it is my duty to try every single weekend.

Tomorrow I've got a day off work, to run an errand and beside that I hope to write. And watch more Netflix.

Now it's time for me to go read about dragons and spoilt bratty princesses and a sweet freckle faced girl.

Hope you all tasted something yummy this weekend, to keep you smiling through the week.

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