Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A good few days

 (My yarn looks like this (link here) , but has a bit more purple and green in it) 
I don't like not having a post title before I write a post, but I'll have to lump it. I'm not going to waste minutes thinking of a title. That's pointless. Especially when those minutes can be used on reading. 

By the end of work this afternoon, I was all but fleeing the building. It's not bad, not in any respect. I just had been printing similar stuff all day as a favour for a colleague. That's all I did - minus setting refreshments up for a meeting. Usually I don't have one job I do solidly all day. It wasn't even difficult, just time consuming, you know?

Anyway, was very happy to head home and veg out with Netflix and knitting fingerless gloves. I'm using a laceweight yarn, which means I knit lots and lots of rows compared to my usual DK/thicker yarn. It's a pretty blue/green/purple yarn. I've got lots of it - several other balls. I figured if I start knitting superfine fingerless gloves for the summer now, I might actually have some for when I need them. Among other things, my body likes to play around with my temperature, especially for my hands. I'm usually cold in summer now, even when there's a heat wave. But because I can change rapidly from cold to hot and back to cold, by having thinner fingerless gloves I'm less likely to boil when I have a hot phase. 

The whole 'not blogging apart from Saturday & Wednesday' thing is working out really well for me. Yesterday wasn't exactly a typical Monday as I had the day off, but  it was still a bit strange not to go near my blog. Today was very weird, but it was fun just chilling out after work. The rest meant I felt up to writing, which is part of the plan. 

I love fairies, and I adore fairy stories. I'm in love with writing fairy stories - I'm currently creating a wing disease young fairies can get. I know what it is, but I actually need the specifics for a conversation between the protagonist and a secondary character. 

I'm hoping Muse will come up with something either tonight when I'm not really thinking about it, or tomorrow. Instead of thinking logically what the symptoms of the wing disease is, I kept smiling at the screen and squeeing over the fact I'm writing a fairy series! Which isn't all that productive, but I don't care because it felt good

Tonight will be reading and watching Prisoners' Wives on BBC1 (no, I don't get anything for mentioning in the show. I figured my lovely blog readers might (more likely might not) be interested in what I watch. And finishign Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica Day George. I seriously hate the evil, spoilt, conniving brat of a princess. She is evil people! I've been crying a lot over this book. And it's the first in a trilogy. On the plus side I have the two other books beside me. But still, it's a tough read. There had better be a happy ending (if not in book 1 then definitely in book 3) or I will not be a happy bunny. Or should that be a happy dragon?

Enjoy your evening! Family are making American style pancakes, so that's what I'm eating tonight. Yum yum!

(& yes, my infusion is still working!!!)

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