Saturday, 18 February 2012

Blog news! More relaxation

Yesterday it dawned on me that on my review blog I've put up a note saying barring urgent email, I'll reply on Wednesdays and Saturdays. That is a good move. Not only for when I deal with email, but also when I schedule up my reviews. So I'm trying it out. 

Today, after a fun writing session (one chapter on fairy wip), once I got the internet to work on my laptop (it worked everywhere else bar my laptop. Stupid machine. I tried restarting the router, my laptop, everything. I finally got it working - not entirely sure how, don't really care!) I started scheduling up reviews. I'm all set until Friday 24th. *feels productive* It means after work no reviewing. I'm more awake (allegedly) in the mornings on a non-work day, so in theory I'll put the reviews up faster. It's really nice to think I can go relax for the week now. On Wednesday I'll schedule a few more up to tide me over to the weekend. 

So what am I up to today? Well, dvds/Netflix will be happening this afternoon. I want to do some more of my secret project too. Need to start getting samples for that. I hope I can reveal all by the end of March. It's not writing related, before you ask. And I honestly can't remember if I've blogged about it already #forgetfulamI.

Edited to add: Posts for this blog are not and won't be pre-scheduled. I prefer randomness, and often it's about what I've recently done. 

Time to go get some lunch and go chill! Hope your weekend goes fairly smoothly.

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