Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A well rounded day

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Wednesdays = my day off, but not necessarily a full day off. At the moment my Wednesday mornings are filled with errands. Today I completed all the errands with few incidents. There was the Minor Fizzy Water Leak in my rucksack. Damp crochet, anyone? Damp cheque book? Damp diary? Then there was the I Put the Return Address On, But Not the Actual Address on a parcel. Thanks to my android phone I didn't have to go home, and the parcel got sent. Then just as I settled to an afternoon of anime, I had 15-20 minutes of I Can't Find My Phone (one of them). I don't panic that much as I do this almost every day - with various items. 

This afternoon was spent watching several episodes of Angelic Layer 

(Hatoko and her Angel Suzuka on the left, Misaki and her angel Hikaru on the right. Hatoko is a child genius at Angelic Layer. Misaki is a newbie, with a big heart and great talent. They become close friends (fanart)) 

I did press fastforward on the opening & closing song, and the episode preview. I do watch them sometimes, but if I watch a lot of episodes in a row, I skip them. I then got a bit fidgety, so I turned to reading and blogging. Watching the Bake Off tonight, and will spend the rest reading. That's my end to a good day. Only one more day at work this week! Hopefully I might get through editing those last 50 odd pages of Diplomatic Disaster

Edited to add: I forgot to mention when I got up (6am ish) I managed a good 2 hours of editing. It's becoming a fun habit editing before my day starts, leaving me free with lots of relaxation in the afternoon)

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