Monday, 9 January 2012

Mystery parcel

(a mystery parcel)

(This is Alice from the anime/manga Aria the animation, I think she looks a bit puzzled here, which mirrors my feelings towards the parcel)

Today started out a fairly normal day. I woke up early, so I got up and compiled a blog tour post. I then realised that it wasn't due until tomorrow, so I dived straight into editing. It was a fun read before work - especially as work was rather chaotic today. I come home, only to realise that the thing I'd forgotten this morning was a different blog post that needed doing. It's all done now, so I'm safe :) 

Mystery parcel could be either DVDs I've ordered, or books. I'm not sure which at the moment. The reason I'm even mentioning the parcel which I haven't got is that the courier options are severely limited. I had a card saying they will try a free 2nd delivery attempt tomorrow. That's all fine, I understand that. 

However, if that fails, then the parcel is returned straight to the depot. Which is a very long way from me. There's no option after 2nd attempt to schedule in a 3rd attempt at a specific day. There is no option, even to pay extra so I can have it delivered at a certain time on a certain day. So after contacting work, I'm now having Friday off to wait for this parcel.

Edited to add: turns out this company is the 'other' company - they'd changed their calling cards, and their services. I'll miss the choice of delivery times/days. 

Of course I'm happy to have an extra long weekend which to get some editing done in
The more you accommodate your customers, the more likely they are to spread the word at your services. 

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Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I hope you get your mystery package soon! Let us know how it goes :)