Thursday, 12 January 2012

Some days are just days

(See end of the post as to why Kirino from Bamboo Blade (manga & anime) matches how I feel about today) I love her bunny toy :) ) 

The title isn't all that cryptic. You know how some days are awesome, others aren't so great because you have lots of hiccups (not the actual hiccups which I get rid of by holding my breath, but life going a bit haywire)? Today was a day. Work went well (still busy, that's not looking to calm down with term starting next week) I've been quite tired, so I read when I got home. Finished off two books, one was ok, the other was amazing. 

An okay book, it got better towards the end. 

This is an awesome book - going to  hold a competition for it on my review blog very soon. 

Tonight I'm going to do some knitting while I watch the British Bake off - last night's episode was hilarious and I'm hoping tonight's is funny too. I was thinking of doing more reading, but my brain is fastly going zzzz so I think I'll watch some happy anime. Probably some Negima which is hilarious, and maybe Aria because it has such a high feel good factor. 

Tomorrow is the start of a 3 day weekend. I have to be out of bed before 7.30am though - the parcel could come any time after that. It usually comes mid-morning to lunch time, but I'd better be up just in case. I'm hoping to finish editing Diplomatic Disaster this weekend. I haven't got many more chapters to go. It's quite exciting! I'm also hoping some dvds arrive so I can have an anime fest. We'll see. Nothing else planned so far. 

Hope you're day has had something fun in it. 

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