Friday, 13 January 2012

I did it! This round of edits is over!

(From the anime Bamboo Blade, this is Kirino (on the left) and Saya (with starry eyes) They are best friends, and so funny when they adore something, which they do in this picture)

About lunch time today, I was delighted to reach the last page for my wip Diplomatic Disaster's edits. Slowly they are making it to my beta readers. I had to add some new content in this round of edits, and I'm eager to find out what others think of the story. 

Just as I finished formatting the wip, I had an attack of I-Suck-Itis. Thankfully a fellow friend and author stopped me from spiralling down to 'my book sucks' and 'I can't write'. Clearly I can write as I have strung nearly 53k of words together in an order which I think makes sense. Alongside the fear is the excitement of Other People not related to my Muse reading my wip. They aren't biased, and because they are also friends, they tend to crit harder :) (At least that's my theory). I want to make DD the best it can be, so here's to the next  editing stage! 

Now, depending how I feel tomorrow I might have a weekend of reading. However, Muse is as per usual rather active. So I'm probably going  to work on my Doodle Girl book. I hadn't quite written the ideas in a document (not the first time round), but I'd had a few convos with friends on gtalk. So this evening I dutifully typed in 'Doodle Girl' into my gmail search bar, and voila, up pop the windows where I talked about it. I'll collate the data another day. The books are pure fun. There is mild peril, but nothing terrifying. 

Being a writer, is the best career ever! 

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