Thursday, 1 December 2011

My new addiction...Pretzels!

Those who follow me on Twitter may know that I adore Hershey's Kisses & Reeses Cups. I have found a new food from America (although originally from Germany...) - the pretzel!

I picked up some yogurt the other day, and while I was at the check out waiting my turn, I saw a small packet of pretzels. They were hard ones, small, and lightly salted. I eyed them up and thought 'Yummy?' When I got home I opened the packet....and went 'yummy!'

They are gorgeous! They are quite nice dipped in yogurt (my food combinations can be a little strange). The next day I got some large plain pretzels, and some smaller, (but not as small as the snack pack) salt and pepper pretzels. I've only tried the later, which is very yummy. Family not mad on them, although they prefer the salt and pepper combination. Which is quite nice in lemon curd yogurt.

I'm sure most people do not eat pretzels with yogurt, but will agree they are delicious! If you haven't already, go try out the American-but-really-German snack.

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