Sunday, 4 December 2011

Making a Perfect Cup of Chocolate Milk

When people think winter, they think hot chocolate. Most of the time I can't be bothered to spend a few minutes carefully heating milk in a pan or blasting it not quite to smithereens in the microwave, so I end up with chocolate milk. It's easy to prepare. (Those under 18 years may need adult supervision)

1) Boil a tiny amount of water in a kettle (or boil it on a stove.)
2) Put 3 or 4 (I have a big cup) spoons of chocolate powder into a cup.
3) Pour just enough water into the cup to cover the chocolate powder. 
4) Mix the water and the powder together, making sure to scrape well around the base, so you don't get pockets of unmixed powder (It's pretty tasty as powder, but the more chocolatey the drink the better!) 
5) Once mixed in, fill the cup with cold milk. 
6) Stir well. 
7) Enjoy! 

Now, I use various makes of hot chocolate, which I'm not going to advertise here. I tend to grab whatever's available. Sometimes I'll try out different types. I'm a sucker for advertising, and did buy one particular brand's 'frothy' hot chocolate. It was rather funky having it foam up (I did use hot water for that). There exist milkshake mixes, but I don't use them any more. Mostly because the most common is for a manufacturer who I boycott wherever possible. Which doesn't leave me with a lot of options (the same can be said when I'm buying coffee too). 

So, do you like chocolate milk? How do you make yours? 

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