Monday, 5 December 2011

I think I'm at 'that' chapter.

(this is from Aria the Origination: it's when Akari (pink hair), Aika (blue hair) and Alice (green hair) are having a study session. They work so hard, providing both inspiration and humour). 

Editing a book is hard work. You're required to axe prose which when originally written was good enough to win literary prizes, but with an editing hat on makes zero sense and sucks sense out of the story. A few of my writing friends have certain chapter numbers where they usually come stuck on. Others are more generique and get stuck in the middle, or near the end of the novel. 

I've reached my nemesis. It is called Chapter 17. 

It feels like I've been stuck on it forever. The original chapter was wordy, because I hadn't got clear in my head a certain part of the plot. I thought compensating with a vast quantity of words would conceal my errors. It didn't. 

Now that I have figured that part of the plot (thank you Lei!) I'm on the slow process of separating the sentences which are actually good and help the story to make sense, from the seemingly large about of sentences which make zero sense. I've been on chapter 17 for several editing sessions. (I won't say days, as life doesn't let me write every day). I know that when I finally get to see the words Chapter 18 I will have conquered the traps my Muse lay in Chapter 17's draft. 

Muses, who'd have one? 


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