Monday, 7 November 2011

Books? Where??!!!

(Can't remember which season/episode this is in, but it's Akari from Aria the Animation, an Undine apprentice (gondola in a space age Venice (called Aqua)), wearing a cat ear night cap (because human intelligence level, non talking cats are presidents of the gondola companies)

Books are the reason why I'm getting out of bed before 8am on an extra day's leave tomorrow. They could arrive anywhere between 7 or 7.30am (I will be checking tonight!) onwards. But, as it's books, I'll be up with a smile. 

Today I have managed one and a bit reviews, which are now scheduled up. I've read a lot, and depending on TV content (naturally will be watching Junior Apprentice), will have more reading. 

Tomorrow's agenda, besides parcel waiting, will be editing! I'll edit in the morning, and relax with dvds and craft for the afternoon. I'm hoping I can get to the 25% edited milestone. 

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