Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The magical number 30

I did it! I've edited 30% of Diplomatic Disaster! It's so wonderful to reach a fat, round zero in the editing stage. This morning I didn't edit a lot page wise, but editing wise I climbed a mountain. There were several problem paragraphs, which took a lot of twiddling words,. switching sentences around and wondering what in the universe Muse was thinking when she dictated her story to me.

I'm unsure if any editing will be done tomorrow, as it is technically my day off work. Today was a day's leave :) I fully expect I will be reading tomorrow - might read most of the day (got craft club in the morning and a few minor errands). I've certainly read a lot more this week, and Muse is enjoying herself having more material to look over.

Time to hunt out a book!

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