Sunday, 6 November 2011

Writing withdrawal symptoms

I haven't written/edited for two days now. I've missed it quite a bit. I haven't been ill - a family member is ill after an operation, and was getting worse so I wanted to see them when family went to visit yesterday. They are slowly improving, which is good news. 

Unfortunately, travelling over an hour, and traipsing round an extremely large hospital wore me out. I knew it would - I had to cancel lunch with a friend today. Yesterday I watched dvds and did crochet (putting crocheted looks wrong). Today I did the same in the morning. I've nearly finished adding a fourth row to all my crochet squares, and got half way through season 3 of The Unit. 

This afternoon I've been reading! I've got through 3 books, soon to be 4. The plus side of having insomnia is that I can sometimes read more at night/early morning. But to read during the day - that hasn't happened for a while. It feels so good! 

I'm taking leave on Tuesday so I can have 2 days of rest, rather than one day mid week. The squashed elephant feeling is starting to fade. I want to write, but it'll be counterproductive. So I'm being good and resting. And ignoring all the temper tantrums from Muse.  

I might get a little editing done tomorrow, but I'm not writing that in permanent marker on my schedule. If I need more dvd watching time, that's what I'll do (nooooooooooooooooo!) 

Hope you've managed to have some fun this weekend, and have picked up a book at some point this week. 

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