Thursday, 27 October 2011

A quiet night

(I was looking for a single person sleeping, but this caught my eye. I love how all the Winx look with their Mini Fee on a camping trip - aren't the teeny sleeping bags cute? Even Kiko, Bloom's pet rabbit has one) 

I've discovered that straight after a quietish patch at work, it's now extremely busy - all because I was away for an extra day this week. Subsequently today has sped by, but with the other bits I've needed to do (I do not want to be translating Japanese the night before my lesson, the stress levels are too high!), I'm probably not going to edit much if at all. 

I've done some translation, I've copied up some handwritten poems into MS Word for a friend (got a stack of them to type by 1st November. Unfortunately I've lost nearly a week due to having a cold). I've gone through my emails, now moving onto bloggy bits. At 6pm I do try to wind down the day (unless I'm full of mental energy, and then will happily bounce around for a bit on the screen until Muse calms down). However today Muse is flat out, snoozing and ordering me to read and watch dvds. Can't say no to that really, can I? 

The plus side is that reading & watching dvds are great research for my wips! 

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