Saturday, 29 October 2011

17% & poetry copying complete

(No idea what this anime is, but it's a girl knitting, so that'll do for me!)

This morning I beavered away at Diplomatic Disaster, managing to bring the total editing quantity up to 17%. Naturally I attribute listening to Winx songs as being good for my muse. 

After a few episodes of winx, in which I finished a pair of fingerless gloves (sunshine yellow) and started another pair (different colour. Restarted 3 times for various reasons. I'm not sure if I'll have enough yarn for two in the same colourway, so will just have to knit and see what happens). I then settled down to 4-5 hours of poetry typing as a favour. Yes I have this crazy switch where I tend to plough on until the work is complete. I'm now relaxing with knitting (followed by Merlin & Casualty), and squeezing more Winx in. 

Those in the UK, remember, clocks go back and hour early tomorrow morning (around 2pm). One friend pointed out it was an extra hour to get hungry for our Chinese lunch tomorrow. That is a valid point, although my latest thoughts have been 'if I wake up normally from 3.30-5am, I'll be waking up from 2.30-4 am. 

I'm seriously hoping my body adjusts to the times fast. 2.30 is not a good time to wake up, and stay awake for the entire day. 

Whatever you're up to tonight, I hope you get to smile at least one! 

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