Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Diplomatic Disaster: 13% edited!

(Hatoko (elementary school student in uniform) and her 'angel' Shizuka from the anime (& manga) Angelic Layer. Hatoko takes great pride in winning, although being a child prodigy can get a bit much at times.)  

Admittedly the editing for the past hour and a bit was somewhat slowed by The Sleepies, but I've completed another chapter in the grand edit. Google makes a good calculator for tired minds. I've got 87% left of the wip to comb through! It's almost double the improve from 7%. I'm very happy with that. 

*yawn* Had another early morning rise today. 3.30am is rather early. It was fun to get stuck into reading, which I won't dive in to shortly after I go get some laundry on the go. Sleepy brain requires dvd watching. Winx and Rozen Maiden here I come! I might skip craft today - depends whether I pick up after my afternoon snack of carrot & corriander soup.   

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