Monday, 24 October 2011

Diplomatic Disaster 7% edited!

( This is Shinku from the anime (& manga) Rozen Maiden, which I'm currently watching at the moment. This expression of hers fits perfectly with my Muse's current attitude).

All thanks to Google for doing that calculation for me. After work I was in an editing mood, so I headed straight towards my manuscript. I'm using the skills I've learnt on the editing course, but I'm not actually using the editing course for this wip. It is a fairly straight forward, clean wip. There are no major plot changes (and there'd better not be later on!), and often it's just tweaking how I phrase sentences. I've edited two chapters, which is now 7% of the novel. I love how fun this novel is, and how it gets my adrenalin going. Go Muse!

It's time to go grab some food then relax for the evening. I think some reading is in order, followed with anime and The Junior Apprentice at 9pm. It's nice because my entire family watches it, so we chat about our views on what happens (which include pointing out when they make good and bad decisions).

I've got a routine appointment tomorrow, so I hope to get some editing done afterwards. Muse is eager to continue now, but I'm officially tired so had better rein her in for the night. She'll be glaring at me until I get my fingers back on this keyboard tomorrow.

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