Wednesday, 12 October 2011

It's mid week

(Winx - from the left: Stella, Techna top middle, Bloom the other middle, Flora and Musa. Layla's not in this one, but she is in season 3 which I'm currently watching).

Yes, I was entirely uninspired in the title department for today's blog post. Here's a summary of today ....
  • Woke up early, then kept dozing 
  • Got up, checked emails, headed to doctor's appointment (routine). 
  • Post doctor's appointment popped home to pick family member up and take them to train station. 
  • Leave train station praying I will get home soon. 
    • I don't like that particular town, even though I learnt to drive in it. My homing beacon is usually pretty weak, but I can proudly say within 5 minutes I was able to find the main road that takes me home. Go me! 
  • Get to craft club only 30 mins into the 2 hour session. Had a lot of laughs. 
  • Ran a few short errands. 
  • Returned home, cleaned birds, set laundry. 
  • Settled down to 2 episodes of the Unit while sewing. 
  • Read a bit, then realised the book wasn't for me. 
  • Which brings me to now! 
I'm shortly about to head off to find food, and then watch Winx!!!

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