Friday, 14 October 2011

The plague strikes!!!

Before everyone panics, don't. You know how as you grew up you were taught to share? Somehow I think my family wish I hadn't shared my germs with them. All are ill. Nothing major, just sore throat, sniffles etc. Apart from the animals, who get away scot free. 

I'd thought something was up this week when I dozed a lot after I woke up (note: I usually wake up between 3.30 to 6.30 am. Getting over 5 hours sleep is quite rare. Which is why dozing was so interesting). Then there was the sore throat yesterday which stretched into today. And today is when family reveal they are also being attached by germ gremlins. Oops! 

The plus side is that I'm starting to read more. (When I wasn't really reading a book a week, a book a day is a big deal). I could well be laid up with a pile of books tomorrow, depending whether sore throat stays or mutates into something tomorrow. I'm convinced that my Inner Self lets the germs in when I want to get in some quality reading time. Or dvds. Because post dishes, (and pre dinner as I eat lots of small meals a day) I'm feeling more bleh, so will lay down the book (noooooo!) and settle down with dvds. Yes Winx is on the menu, as it is guaranteed to make me smile. 

So wrap up warm, don't share germs, do share happiness, love of books and life! 

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