Monday, 5 September 2011

What a day!

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Muse is not a happy bunny/camper than this is the 2nd day I'm not editing. Or writing. Yesterday, I felt a bit mweh so I took the sensible option and rested all day. That was a hard but necessary decision. I'm still finding relaxation a huge learning curve. I watched dvds & sewed all day. It was great fun - I finished season two of Winx, and now I'm on the 2nd (of 3) disc of season 3. I did nearly finish another bookmark, so I'll get the delights of starting a new project today. 

I'm glad I rested yesterday, as I suspected today would be a bit mental at work, just with the stuff that was already planned. It was more mental than I anticipated. And the insanity started while I was about 10 minutes away from work (of a 40 minute commute). 

There was the usual traffic at the mini-roundabout leading up to the main road. I knew schools were back this week, so expected that. In a 3 lane road (I don't know the technical term for the lanes. There is left, middle, and right. Or rather 'go slow/sensible drivers' (left), 'middle for overtaking and those who like more oomph (middle) 'nutcase lane' (right). 

I head straight to the right. There wasn't really anyone in the left, but I didn't think anything of it. People in the middle were trying to get to the right. I saw a bit of smoke and thought there was a bonfire (it is possible, although unusual for where we were). That was until I saw a car on fire, in the left lane. 

I found greater respect for those who deal with emergencies like that. The fire engines were nearly there, there wasn't any police there yet. 

I was really freaked out, even though I knew logically that no one would be in there. Once at work, a cup of tea, a chocolate bar and a few tissues later I was ready to face the busy day. 

I reckon it probably was arson, as there was no other car stopped nearby, no one out by the side of the road. I've seen it on TV, but up close it's quite different. 

So the busyness & incident combined mean for my own sanity I need lots of happy things (aka Winx). So Muse will kick her heels for another day. 

Hope you all have a good evening! And your life gets a little less manic. 

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