Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Splish, splosh, yawn

Hands up who is sleepy! Not that I can see you. Work was busy again, but there were some laughs to be had which makes all the difference. I came home, watched two episodes of Winx to relax, then did a little editing. Didn't manage as much as I'd hoped, but something is much better than nothing.

I'm finishing up quickly on online stuff, then it's time to relax! I've got the Bake Off or whatever it's called 8pm on BBC 1, which is good fun to watch. I've ordered some cereal with my milk delivery as there are special offers on one cereal which I like. Tomorrow I do have another contact lens appointment (I don't think my eye is irritated any more) mid morning, so I can only have 45 mins of craft club, but I'm going to do some embroidery, so that's cool. In the afternoon I am free. Which means I so need to relax! Winx & sewing. *happy sigh* Got to love my day off.

What is important is that I'm getting back into reading. The last few weeks have been so weird that reading hasn't figured much on my agenda. Well, I'm in the reading mood, and I want to nom on books. So I will be!

Tomorrow's review will be posted at the end of the day (just so I can be oblivious to my laptop for most of the day), and hopefully at the weekend I can get back to scheduling reviews in. It's time to go hunt out some food.

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