Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Muse solved an editing problem!

Despite today being my day of relaxation...I've spent the last few hours editing. Well, I wanted to. And as soon as I'm finished with this post I'm putting the laptop away and heading back to dvd watching and embroidery.

It was wonderful! I'm still on lesson 12...but I've only got two more smallish things to do then I can move on to lesson 13. I've been sorting out my characters, changing some of the notes I'd already made, and creating new notes for the revised wip. It's helping get everything straight in my head. re-reading what I'd put before, I discovered that with the new plot Muse has actually solved a dilemma I had with one part of the plot! How cool is that?! ^o^ Got to love my Muse. She is very awesome.

I've finished Winx season 3! I finished it this afternoon. It was as amazing as ever. I didn't watch the film or start season 4 because I actually wanted to watch some more of Sasami, Magical Girl's Club. It's a nice light anime (exactly what I need). Going to get some reading in tonight, just in case tomorrow is mental at work and I need to watch more dvds than just 2 episodes when I get home tomorrow. Finish off a friend's wip and starting an ebook :)

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