Thursday, 22 September 2011

Numbers of the day: 15, 15, 224.

I couldn't think up of a different title for today's post. Sometimes thinking titles takes more brain power than I have by this time of day. 

Today's been a normal day at work. I came home and had my hour of anime watching, which was fun. In Winx I saw the 2nd episode in season 2, where Layla wakes up and explains who she is and what she was doing. I was melting at the cuteness of Piff, Layla's mini-fairy, especially when Stella was too loud and woke her up when she gave Layla a sandwich. I also watched the 6th episode of Negima, where we learn about the vampire on campus (it's an all girls school anime where a 10 year old boy is a wizard teacher. It's rather funny) is actually one of Negi's students. This causes him lot of emotional trauma as he cares for his students a lot. 

After that I did some stuff online, then set my online alarm for 15 minutes. The first 15 minutes I spent editing. I did have a fairly long pause as I responded to an email, caught up with a friend and read her first chapter. The second 15 also refers to 15 minutes, this time in working on a first draft of a wip. I'm working on my sci-fi children's series, which is heaps of fun and very light, the opposite of Inescapable Ties. 

Although 15 minutes really don't seem much to me, it'll have to do on the days I work. Sometimes I'll be able to do more, but at least I've set my goals at a realistic distance. The 224 was the amount of words I wrote on my wip. I had to think a bit in places as to how I wanted to phrase sentences, which ate up minutes. 

I'm about to go get some bread, have egg with salad cream, then read! Finishing off a book tonight, and starting another. Hope a book is on the horizon for you soon. 

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