Sunday, 18 September 2011

Days rarely turn out as you plan them

I had it all worked out. This holiday I was going to have an epic editing fest on my wip.

That didn't happen.

A close relative is sick, so I opted to visit them with family yesterday. Normally I avoid long car journeys, as I get tired and easily and uncomfortable for me. But I was quite worried about the sick relative. It was a fun day - I got to buy some supremely scrummy chocolate from Beaulieu Chocolate Studio, who I wholeheartedly recommend visiting should you be in the New Forest, for they make the chocolate on site! I bought a few gifts in the teddy bear shop (a few shops up from chocolate shop), ditto a few gifts plus chocolate in the garden centre. My family and I debated whether the garden centre made more money from it's gardening produce or from the refurbished cafe, whose food is delicious and good value for money. Mozzerella and tomato panini with a latte, anyone?

My sick relative is doing better than I thought they were, so I think they'll be home at some point this week. The hospital was really nice, clean and spacious. And apparently the food was good, so that's always a bonus.

I pencilled in today as a rest day because I guessed I'd pay for yesterday's trip. And I did. However, I've managed to read two a bit books today, write a few emails, do a tiny bit of editing (yes a very small amount). I have to get a few groceries as well as food and cage lining for my birds tomorrow, but otherwise I'll see how I feel. If I still feel a bit off, I won't be doing heaps of editing. I'm shortly about to watch some anime! All night!

Hope your weekend has been enjoyable. Here's to a fun week ahead!

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