Sunday, 21 August 2011

Yay! 2 editing lessons complete!

Party time! (in Aria anime style!)

When I sat down this morning, I hoped to get to the end of lesson 8. I exceeded that and finished lesson 9 too!

I've been learning about what I want in my story, what I need in my story for it to work, what must remain other the story isn't the story. It's been fun!

Now, ordinarily I would be tempted to carry on with lesson 10 this afternoon. It involves coloured index cards (I'll prepare mine in different word documents on my laptop, which is surprisingly simple to do).

But I must clean out my birds, so I'm heading off for a baked potato with tuna, then cleaning my pets.

After that I'll be bashing up monsters with these people!

Then I'll do some sewing :)

Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you're up to!

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