Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sort of back :)

Hi everyone! Sorry for going silent for a few days. After a wonderful relaxing day on Wednesday, where I didn't open my laptop, I really enjoyed myself....I was up early Thursday morning with a tummy bug. Even when feeling better the day after a tummy bug, I caution against eating what you fancy, as your tummy will be very delicate and won't want the same food as your head does. 'Nuff said!

After a near 10-11 hour sleep last night (OoO just wow), I'm awake today. I'm on toast, crackers, (same as yesterday), with tuna (also same as yesterday) but today adding a smidgeon of flora. I think today I'll hunt down some containers to freeze milk in, because I don't really want to think about dairy for a few days (plus I have yogurt to eat, so migh tneed to give it away at work). I don't think I'll be having chocolate for a while either! Just when I'd bought some yummy chocolate bars to melt into milk (proper hot chocolate!). Oh well, little by little I'll get back to normal. I think I might end up being over cautious, but I really don't want to be ill again quite so soon.

Anyways, today I'm starting off slowly, I'm check emails, going to edit a little, look after my blog - generally buildling up my stamina. Well, my theory is if I rest all weekend, it'll be quite a shock when I go to work on Monday. So if I do a few hours today, and a few hours tomorrow, hopefully my body won't rebel too much.

Yesterday was really good fun, even though I didn't feel great, I read lots of books! Quite a few by Jacqueline Wilson, her Tracy Beaker books which I've never read. They're really good! Tracy has attitude, (and 'hayfever' to cover up crying), but she's such a scared girl.

See you later - today is a short post!

Edited to add: I did a small bit of editing, but needed something with less thinking so I scheduled up a few review posts for NRC. I'm off to make noodle & tuna soup (very plain!), followed with reading for most of the day. Resting now would probably be a very good idea.

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