Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Thank you & a good day

Today's been a relatively quiet day at work, I had a friend pop in who I hadn't seen for ages, and we're having lunch next week with a few other friends, which will be nice. I've volunteered to bake cake, but as I thought about it on the way home I realised that a) I currently don't have enough eggs & b) chocolate fridge cake will go down just as well as 'normal' cake, plus it's easier to bake.

Bit tired, so not doing much this evening. So that I don't feel too lazy I am scheduling up a few blog posts which are mounting in my inbox.

Last night was night two of actually getting some videoing game in. I love video games. I used to play on them all the time (yes I did still read a lot). For a variety of reasons I had to stop playing them (ok, some of it was health reasons, which really sucked). However, little by little this year I've started playing them again, without making my symptoms worse. There are several games I love, and I've decided it doesn't matter that they aren't 'new', I'll replay them anyway. The best thing is they are retro enough that I got downloaded them for the psp, handy when my playstation's upstairs and I want to be playing downstairs while family are watching tv.

So for quite a while I'm back to Mr Spiky Head, aka Cloud in Final Fantasy 7!

My  favourite characters are Tifa

& Aeris

At the moment I'm still in Sector 7 (disc 1), but I'm shortly going to be separated from Aeris (nooooo!). I so hope I can remember how and where I find Yuffie. I do have a walkthrough, but I'm just seeing how far I get on my own. I am going to make sure I spend lots of time levelling up and getting the materia up to master level. I love how the characters change for the movie (Advent Children) and Crisis Core (set before FF 7 happens yet produced afterwards.) As I watch/play those I will put up further pictures).

Ok so typing up reviews hasn't happened yet as I'm having issues with an app which worked fine yesterday, so I'm reinstalling it and hoping it works. Otherwise I won't be a happy bunny. Tonight will be relaxing! Yay!

I wanted to say thank you for the comments on Sunday's post - it was fun reading all day. Books can get you through anything!

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