Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Productivity = good!

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You know those days where you feel like you've done something? Today is one of those days. I had a lot of fun at work as a few of us had lunch together. It was a welcome break after doing some proofreading (which I really enjoy but it's quite a brain work out with all the technical jargon).

Then I got home, unwound with an hour of sewing and delved into editing. I'm on chapter 10, and the lesson is good fun because I have to rewrite the story scene by scene (sentences only!), not stopping to change them. I confess to changing one scene because I'd written it wrong (bad me. Not that I care!).

It's been very insightful. Muse has found a way to work in the changed storylines in such a way that the incidents which I'd previously put in, which had to be there but didn't quite make sense all now have a purpose and the storyline is behaving itself so far. I'm currently on scene 30, which I will tackle another day (probably Thursday as tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day from all work). I'm definitely making good headway in this editing! It's nice having it come together and start making sense out of the muddled plot ends (some are muddled. Others are merely finely interwoven with others in such a way that you need glasses to look to see where each one starts and ends).

Tonight I'm sewing while watching the British Bake off and some expedition thingy on BBC1. Family is baking butterfly biscuits so I'll have a warm one later (yay!)

Have a great evening!

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