Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Solid sleep = good even if I do get sleepy in the afternoon

(picture copyright to whoever produced it)

Sleep. The final frontier. Truly. Stuff space (I get motion sick in other modes of transport, so unless the machines which disintegrate and reintegrate particles get invented, I will not be going to space ever). Sleep is so essential. There are many reasons why people can't sleep or have disrupted sleep. Children. Stress. Muse (that can occasionally be a downside to being a writer when Muse is active just as you're trying to get to sleep). Pain. Watching scary movies. Playing video games before bed.

I've been having restless sleep for months now. I've been able to increase a night medication, which means I sleep through for 5-6 hours straight. It feels so awesome! Although by 4pm my 4am start is really getting to me. That's why if I'm out and about or need my brain working I have a cup of coffee in the morning, and occasionally a cup of tea in the afternoon. Caffeine is wonderful! Edited to add I don't nap in the afternoon otherwise I don't sleep at night. The only exception is when I'm ill - sometimes sleeping is all I can do!

(taken from Google Images Search, but I know this is Akari from the anime Aria!)

Tonight I'm planning on watching some Airbender and definitely at least 2 episodes of Aria. I'm in the third season, and I'll need tissues because the next episode is the one where Alice is the first undine ever to go straight from pair to prima! (pair = novice, who then graduate to single, who then become prima). She doesn't have a clue where she's going, and it's just so amazing. I cry a lot in this series because it's very moving as the girls achieve their dreams.

Keep striving - one day we'll all get to our dreams!

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