Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Whoohoo for edits & Winx!

(this is from a Google search of anime birds - it's actually from the first anime I ever saw, Castle in the Sky which I still adore today). 

This morning, seeing as I felt relatively chirpy I figured I'd get some editing done, as I've had a small break from it over the past week. 

(copyright to original owner (not me))

I managed to complete the new outline using a sentence for each scene! I'd stopped about half way through, have ended up with around 84 scenes (it had been 46....but some scenes have been deleted/merged). I was up for a bit more, so I kept going with lesson 10, and started compiling a new master copy of index cards detailing my plot. I managed 10 scenes, then started yawning. 

(copyright to original owner (not me))

That means it's time to stop editing for the day, and enter the second exciting part - Winx fest! I can't nap in the day as it mucks up with my sleep, but dvd watching & sewing = very relaxing and something I planned to do today. 

Enjoy the rest of your day! I will be doing this later...

.(copyright to original owner (not me))

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