Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Winx fest! Minor error in my diary.

True to my word, I have been watching Winx. It feels even more awesome as I haven't watched it for a bit! I'm part way through season 2, and loving every moment. At the weekend I'm going to start doing once a week observation on Winx, examining the girls character, the show's technology/magic etc.

Winx was far from my mind this morning. After craft club I came home, getting ready to settle to my Winx fest. I thought my massage & facial was at 2pm. I double checked the card, because one time was 12pm....and I had to move pretty fast at 12.20pm when I saw that I'd made a mistake and today's appointment was at 12! I quickly phoned the spa, then headed out there. Thankfully it's only a few minutes from my house so I got there pretty quickly. And I had the full length of the treatment - so for once being late didn't matter. Everyone was so nice about it but I still felt a bit bad.

After that I came back and watched Winx and did a bit more sewing. I've nearly finished a Winnie-the-Pooh bookmark, and shortly going to start a cat bookmark. As it is still technically my holiday, I'm going to watch more Winx tonight and do some sewing. Reading books will recommence tomorrow. Brain always goes for a snooze after a massage (I think I nearly did doze during the facial - I was just so relaxed), so reading words isn't really in my capability tonight.

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