Monday, 29 August 2011

Nearly back to normal

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Evening all! Hope you all had a great long weekend (or just a great normal weekend). I'm back in the land of the internet. I had lots of fun seeing my friends and watching the animals on the farm. I saw super cute, fluffy 3 week old hen chicks. We didn't set fire to anything this year (last time, 2 years ago, there was almost a small incident with the bonfire which was getting rather close to a tree....), but we managed to cause minor chaos in town (yes, perhaps we shouldn't be let out when we're together!).

It was a one way system. There wasn't parking nearby for where we ate lunch. So my friend waited while another friend checked to see if there was space for us. There was, so I started to get out, but there were cars coming past. I then waited for them, but there was then a truck (too wide to pass) so I had to hop out fast. Apparently my friends in the other car had got out, but had pulled out to let the truck pass, but then had to to stop because they hadn't quite seen me get out). So we caused a minor traffic jam :)

Anyway, I'm back and off work until Thursday (whoohoo! Looking forward to going back, but need the time to recuperate.) Tomorrow I was planning a reading fest...which is fun but I probably need total relaxation. So it'll be a dvd fest. Not just any dvd fest.

Winx DVD fest!!!!!

Yup, the girls will be back on my dvd player. They've been on hiatus as it's been Ramadan and I've been watching anime which are more suitable for all and examine various characteristics of people (both happen in Winx but the girls do have boyfriends which isn't quite appropriate material when having a month of reflection). I think I'll love it more than ever. I'll be starting from season 2 just because season 1 is still with a friend. *happy sigh* I've been thinking of other things so haven't missed it too much, but enough that I'm super excited to be watching it again! Hence the picture!

Have a great evening - I've been catching up on emails. I'm now catching up with reviews :)

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