Monday, 8 August 2011

Rainy, windy, sunny!

No, I haven't quite lost it. It is a bit rainy and windy outside, but it feels sunny inside. I slept better again last night, which is really nice! Still feel rubbish, but sorting out sleep will help me a little bit.

Returned to work today, mini pile of emails, no issues with the photocopier (although not many people are around so that's not a surprise). Had fun at work, came home relaxed to an anime episode, then settled down to tackle lesson 8 of my editing course.

That's when I saw some great news. In searching for lesson 8, I saw all the other lesson folders. Rather than 24 or 26, there are only 22! So I'm nearly half way there! I was very happy after that discovery.

Lesson 8 is about theme, creating a rough synopsis, writing a review of the book as it is (yes as a book reviewer that is easy enough and as it's for my eyes only I can be as blunt as I like). I'm nearly 1/3 through the lesson. I stopped to wrestle with blogger to put up two reviews (I have discovered the reasons why it is a pain), wrote a few emails, and now going to snuggle up with books! Tomorrow is my day off work (rather than Wednesday) so I shall be busy sewing while watching dvds. No reading or writing *whimper*. I do have a few more reviews to schedule as I'm away for a few days at the end of the week, but apart from that I'm ignoring my blog & my wip. It's my day off!

Will try to remember to take photos tomorrow of how far I've got with my current craft projects. I might start tackling a turtle. I hope it looks like a turtle by the end of it!

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