Sunday, 7 August 2011

Nothing beats a good night's sleep.

Really. Sleep is essential to life. I've slept badly for months. I've been able to adjust one of my medication, and it means I get sleep! 

I'm guessing most of you were asleep at 4am this morning, but that's when I woke up, refreshed, thinking 'Yay! Sleeep!' 5 hours solid sleep felt incredible. By 4pm I was yawning away, but it was nice to feel a bit more human., and thinking less of 'I need to sleep'. 

I'm hoping on the final increase tomorrow night I might get 30 more mins sleep. If I can get to 6 hours solid sleep - I'll be very happy. 

So this morning I did some reading, some tapestry work, then some more reading. I was a few chapters in a 400 pages + book (ninja vampires)

when I realised that I wanted to edit, not read. I knew I couldn't over do it it as I had to clean my birds before lunch (a time limit I set on myself). So I spent best part of 4 hours picking out items I'd used in my wip, which scenes they were in, writing them down on the scene cards & on the worksheets. I finished chapter 7! Huge whoohoo moment. (Finishing a lesson is a big achievement at the moment). 

I then carried on reading the vampire ninja book (Hero is a bit of a nincompoop in places, but heroine is very cool). Scheduled a review, remembered another review & comp was due up this weekend, had dinner, and now I'm relaxing. Feeling like a cosy cat so I'm going to read tonight rather than watch anime. 

Hope everyone gets some sleep tonight! Having a sleep routine helps in some ways, depending what your sleeping issues actually are. 

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