Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dvd & book fest

It felt a bit weird having my day off on a Tuesday, but I soon settled down with some sewing and dvds. Today I watched quite a bit of the first season of Avatar. It's really good fun, with strong characters (good & bad), nice twists and a good balance of drama & humour.

I then watched Aria the Natural, season 2 of the pleasant, funny, & sometimes scary planet of Aqua, where girls train to become Gondoliers. It's uplifting, there's a lot of important messages hidden in each tale. I refuse to watch one episode because its really creepy. The more I watch it, the more scared I get. So I skip it. I've seen it twice, and that was more than enough.

I then read most of Momentum, by Saci Lloyd (review coming up in a week or so on NRC).

 I've finished that and next up is a fun children's about a brat (well, she's a snob who needs pulling down at least half a ladder) Eva's Holiday by Judi Curtin.

It's been a nice break before two days at work, and a short weekend getaway in the country for a friend's event. Still not feeling amazing, but that's normal so I'm putting my feet up (not quite literally) & relaxing in the best way I know how. Reading!

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