Friday, 22 July 2011

Review fest!

No writing for me today. Before heading off to the south of the county (not country, county!) Sunday to Tuesday, I'd like to make sure all my reviews are prescheduled, so I don't have to think 'did I post something'. I don't want to consider thinking how I'd put blog posts up using my phone. It would be tricky.

It's great fun recalling what I've read recently, some Young Adult, picture books, magical pony series, a mermaid book, dracula - quite a wide variety!

Tomorrow's plans include: cleaning my birds' cage, packing for my short trip away. At the moment I'm umming and ahhing over whether to take my tiny laptop (linux system, no internet). Part of me feels I ought to have a break. But equally I can't always write every day, so I'll take it to take advantage of when my Muse gets ideas. It'll do me good to be offline for 2 days. I will glance at emails on my phone, but unless there's an emergency I won't be answering mail until Tuesday day (or Wednesday - depends on how tired I am from the drive back).

Right, got 7 books to review (4 in reality as I'm reviewing the series as a whole) Time to go!

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